Planting a garden with Prometheus; Tree canopy growth pattern in idealized conditions washed with charcoal and earth; what does control of growth lead to?

stencil print with charcoal, top soil, and carbonaceous rock

City planning with Prometheus, Tree Canopy growth pattern in idealized conditions; washed with charcoal, graphite and rust

stencil print in charcoal, graphite and rust solution, with tape

Transformation’s change simultaneously creates identity while clearing the former away. Growth is a form of destruction v.1 – 6

screenprint with charcoal, soil, pyrodextrins and soot

After Aleksei Kuz’mich Denisov-Uralsky’s Lesnoi Pozhar (Forest Fire); Chasing the ghost of the eternal flame and giving rise to the anthro-pyro-cene

ash, acrylic, and shadows

Ritual, Faith, Practice, Analysis, Release, Withdrawal. Security can only be had through knowing vulnerability. Everything cannot be controlled. We wish and chance, for ourselves and each other. Through balance of knowing…

glass, soot from burnt handmade cotton paper, wishes, candle, and porcelain

Security is not found through removing fire nor is it found from engulfing infernos, it’s found in balance

burnt wood from house fire, burnt wood from wildfire, chain, cable, and charcoal

The story of history is told by the victorious

charcoal, tar, and gold frame

Corn and Money Chainmail

handmade paper from corn husks and shredded U.S. dollar bills

The path is not ours to create, but ours to follow

wildfire charred ponderosa pine branches, soil, and peas

Reaching, two steps forward one step back

wildfire charred ponderosa pine branches

Ash and Dust

burnt wood, stencil print, dirt, charcoal, and light

If these walls of history could speak

laser engraving reduction on burnt wood

Well, Well, Well

Video with live feed camera, wood, charcoal, stenciled dirt, and gold paint

Ascend, Merge, Descend

Monotype on handmade paper


laser engraving and monoprint on handmade paper

Make it rain

rope, money paper, $7000, copper pipe

Climb, Bind, Knot, and Haul

Handmade paper from money and abaca, dollar bills, copper

Elementary (in order followed by details)

O-15.999 laser engraving on glass, P-30.974 laser cut acrylic with phosphorescent paint, N-14.007 handmade cotton paper with laser cut inclusion, H-1.008 laser cut handmade abaca paper *laser cut while wet*, Ca-40.078 laser cut plaster and cheesecloth, C-12.011 laser cut wood with burning

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