Artist Statement

Subjective allegory is at the root system of my creative research. The viewer brings with them a history of personal context, life experiences, belief systems, education, emotional outlook, environment and any other number of different influences. I insert triggers of familiarity from popular culture, religious iconography, mathematical and scientific formula, written language and the cosmos into my work as a point of departure for the viewers personal investigation into the narrative they will create. This builds off historically conventional artistic concepts like landscapes, monuments, portraits, and mythology leading down a pathway of analogy to arrive at questions more than conclusions.


If subjective allegory is the root system, investigation would certainly be the trunk by which all other subject matter related to the work grows from. No central point of subject matter is achieved but rather a multitude of subject branches extend out, weaving together on an analytic ascension. Some of the pertinent subjects branching out of the trunk concern philosophy, metaphysics, religion, stereotype, history, mythology, culture, nature, astronomy, alienation, falsehood, and language to name a few. Not all of these are present in all works but are part of the larger whole of my interests. At times I make deliberate specific investigations into a particular idea while at other times I include these together in a larger composition forging relationships between ideas to foster a continued conversation.


Communication, language, and conversation act as the underlying form of all things. In some way this subject matter always finds its way into my work. It could be in the use of tessellated calligraphy to make illegible type characters into aesthetic patterns. Other times it is by using alchemical symbols to communicate to the viewer in a method that neither of us will ever be able to decipher. I do all of this because written and oral communication is ineffective in its ability to truly perform is own primary function. Without being able to quite literally perform telepathy we open our communication up to complexities based on subjective interpretation.


All of these things act together to not offer any solutions from me. The hope is that the viewer continues to question. We are human, we wonder, we talk, we explore. I want to embrace that, my work is made to encourage it.

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